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The World Loses Under Bill Gates’ Vaccine Colonialism

As many countries wait for Covid vaccines, the world needs a patent-free “People’s Vaccine”—not more of Gates’ intellectual property stubbornness.

The Case for Using MDMA to Help Heal Victims of Trauma

A psychiatrist explores how a drug often associated with Burning Man could be a breakthrough in treating PTSD.

To Observe the Muon Is to Experience Hints of Immortality

Attempting to model the universe as precisely as possible is to try to see the one thing that even the strictest atheist agrees is everlasting.

Why Humans Are So Bad at Seeing the Future

People tend to make predictions while looking through their own narrow lens. The real vision lies in seeing connections.

In Defense of Snow Days

Virtual school after a snowstorm is yet another kind of techno-solutionist slush that should be plowed away.

Tech Companies Don’t Need to Be Creepy to Make Money

The unlikely success of DuckDuckGo suggests a way to escape surveillance capitalism.