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Lucira Health Check It covid19 test

Photograph: Lucira Health

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Lucira doesn’t require a smartphone, but you can download the Lucira Connect app to keep a test record. It’s easy to use—place the vial of solution into the reader, swab both nostrils, stir the swab in the solution, snap the vial closed, and push it further down into the reader. After 30 minutes, you’ll see a green light next to the positive or negative label, depending on the result. There’s also a label for an invalid result, which means you should repeat the test. 

It’s worth noting that even though Lucira is the most accurate on this list (the company claims 98 percent accuracy), we’ve kept it off this list in the past mainly because it’s wasteful. It’s powered by AA batteries and is single-use, which means you have to throw the entire thing out after you’re done testing. We’re recommending it now solely based on its more affordable price of $29—down from $68. Reuse those batteries for another device.

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Rapid Covid-19 Tests to Avoid

These three at-home rapid tests were recalled. According to the FDA, both SD Biosensor and Celltrion’s tests have been distributed “with labeling indicating they are authorized by the FDA, but neither test has been authorized, cleared, or approved by the FDA for distribution or use in the United States.” Detect, on the other hand, voluntarily recalled specific lots of its Covid-19 tests. You can check here for a list of affected lots.

How to Identify Counterfeit Covid-19 Tests

You can check for a current list of counterfeit at-home Covid-19 tests through the FDA’s site here. But if you’re unsure, you can check for a few signs. The packaging might include spelling or grammatical errors, poor print quality of text and images (as well as on the instructions inside the box), a different label or trade name than the one listed on the FDA’s site, or missing information on the box (like the expiration date, lot number, or QR code). On the inside, you should look for any missing supplies—including unfilled components, like the tube of solution.

If you find that your at-home test kit is counterfeit, you shouldn’t use it. You should also contact the store you purchased it from and the manufacturer/distributor of the authorized test. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly dispose of or return the test. The FDA also encourages reporting the problem via the MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form.

Retailer At-Home Covid Test Kit Pages

Depending on where you’re located, at-home rapid Covid tests might be sold out. If you want to continue browsing for availability, below is a list of retailers selling kits. 

Delivery Apps That Offer At-Home Covid Test Kits

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms or don’t want to leave your house, you can order an at-home Covid test through a food delivery service app for same-day delivery (if the app is available in your area). Below is a list of apps that offer test kits.