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Shopping for a new way to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or TV shows? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find the best headphones and speakers we’ve seen on sale this Prime Day. Be sure to check out our guides to the Best Wireless Headphones, Best Noise-Canceling Headphones, Best Workout Headphones, and Best Bluetooth Speakers for more information about what’s hot right now.

The WIRED Gear team tests products year-round. We sorted through hundreds of thousands of deals by hand to make these picks. Crossed out products are out of stock or no longer discounted. Our Amazon Prime Day coverage page has the latest stories, and our Prime Day Shopping Tips will help you avoid bad deals. You can also get a one-year subscription to WIRED for $5 here

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Updated July 12: We’ve updated links and prices, and starred some favorite deals.

Wireless Earbud Deals

Pixel Buds Series A

Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Photograph: Google

The affordable price tag, instant Android pairing, and baked-in Google Assistant are just a few reasons why we like the Pixel Buds A-Series (8/10, WIRED Recommends). They’re a great option for Android users that are seeking an AirPods-like experience in terms of pairing ease, sound quality, and comfort level. We weren’t quite impressed with their battery life, but this deal price makes up for it a bit. 

We love the Beats Fit Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends). Not only do they sound and feel better than Apple’s AirPods Pro, but they have much better battery life—and they’re cheaper to boot. Our resident headphone expert said the Fit Pro “are the best earbuds for iOS by a country mile.” This price is a historic low. 

In a world full of increasingly affordable and samey wireless earbuds, the Tempo 30 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) still manage to shine. They’re lightweight and waterproof but pack punchy bass. They’re also comfortable for smaller ears, which isn’t always the case. Add in noise cancellation and a sub-$50 price tag, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for accessible earbuds that’ll work for basically anybody. Just keep in mind that you may want to spring for an upgraded pair of ‘buds if you require crystal-clear wireless phone calls. 

Jabra Elite 7 Active Earbuds

Jabra Elite 7 Active

Photograph: Jabra

If you’re in the market for a pair of workout buds, look no further. The Elite 7 Active have a super durable and comfortable design, excellent noise cancellation and transparency features, and fantastic sound. The IP57 rating means they’re dustproof and can withstand being submerged in some water. The case also supports wireless charging.

Jabra has long made some of the best wireless earbuds at a variety of price points, and these affordable Elite 3 buds showcase many of the company’s best features. You get an ergonomic design, good microphones, and pretty decent sound for the money. These are IP55 rated, so they’ll still be fine even if you sweat a lot. 

These are my favorite earbuds for Android phone owners because they quickly pair with all modern Android phones. They also have a dual-driver array that makes for excellent bass, plus a wireless charging case. Just know that this is a small deal as they’re frequently on sale for $110. 

Sony WF1000XM4

Sony WF-1000XM4

Photograph: Sony

If you’re looking for noise-canceling earbuds for work, I like these from Sony. They’re a bit bigger than other buds, but Sony’s excellent tech—combined with foam ear tips—let these truly silence the world, and good mics make it easy to hear you on calls.

Amazon’s second-generation Echo Buds are some of our favorites for those who want a smart assistant built into their earbuds. They sound good for the money, and they have good microphones (plus, it’s nice to be able to just ask Alexa almost anything when you’re out and about or when your hands are occupied).

Despite their affordability, these buds have features you’d typically find in higher-end (and more expensive) headphones. The active noise cancellation and emphasis on bass make them a good substitute for someone who doesn’t want to shell out triple digits for fruit-flavored tech.

Headphone Deals

sony WH1000XM4 headphones

Sony WH-1000XM4

Photograph: Sony

These have been replaced with a newer model, but that means Sony’s WH-1000XM4 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) flagship noise-canceling headphones are a fantastic deal right now. They’re still excellent, with 30 hours of battery life, great sound, and mics that will make you sound pretty good during phone calls. 

These headphones are among the most comfortable and best-sounding for the money, with a sleek design and up to 50 hours of battery life. They also have decent mics for when you want to make a Zoom call.

Your last experience with Beats may have been when they were plastic and overhyped. But now that Apple owns them, they’re actually pretty good! This pair sounds great for the money, and the noise cancellation is also decent for louder environments. 

bose noise cancelling headphones

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

Photograph: Bose 

If you’ve ever wanted to drown out the drone of an airplane or your officemate’s loud chewing, it’s hard to find a better option than these.  The noise cancellation works for mechanical keyboards and coffee shop background noise alike. Our favorite feature is the excellent call quality, making the Bose Noise Canceling 700 our top pick for the office. 

While we recommend the wireless version of this headset, the corded one is still a solid pick—and not just because we’re a little biased. The comfortable headset is compatible with every gaming platform, including phones (though you may need a dongle if your phone doesn’t have a headphone jack). This price beats other discounts we’ve tracked.  

These are featured in our roundup of the Best Wireless Headphones because they’re so darn comfy. I wish the pairing was as svelte as what you’d find in some other headsets, and it doesn’t help that they’re slightly pricier than similar options from other brands. Still, the PX7 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) are super lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. They sound great, too. This price is much lower than we’ve seen before. 

Speaker Deals

amazon echo dot for kids

Echo Dot Kids Edition

Photograph: Amazon

The Echo Dot is one of my favorite smart speakers because it is such a convenient way to fill a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen with sound. I use one when I shower and when I cook dinner, where the round little speaker does a great job of shooting sound in three dimensions.

This special edition of the Echo Dot is meant to allow parents to set controls on what their kids listen to (and can order) via the smart assistant. It comes with a year of Amazon Kids+, which includes thousands of Audible books and other special games and features. After that, you’ll be charged $3 per month. 

Use code PRIME30 to see the discount at checkout. The coolest part about this speaker is that it’s hydro-powered. It’s compatible with most shower heads, and once installed, the water will do the rest. While editor Julian Chokkattu says the sound quality is passable, the convenience of never needing to track down a cable for your shower tunes might just outweigh the lack of room-filling sound. Your shower singing game is about to get a serious upgrade. 

Google Nest Audio

Nest Audio

Photograph: Google 

Google-owned Nest makes great speakers, especially if you prefer Google Assistant on board instead of Alexa or Siri. The Nest Audio (8/10, WIRED Recommends) improves the audio quality over the original Google Home, and you can also use it to set timers, check the weather, or keep up with your favorite podcast while you cook. Grab a pair and you can get some pretty awesome stereo sound for the money. 

If you just want a basic smart speaker to control your smart home devices, you’ll be happy with a smaller model like the Nest Mini. It sounds decent playing music, but it’s best for more basic tasks like timers and the weather.